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Session 3

Thought Leader for Session 3

Professor Hans R. Heinimann, ETH Zurich/FRS Singapore

Session Title: Complex systems resilience – how to do it?

Session Focus:

Increasing complexity from systems of systems and the need for modeling and simulation.

  • Where are the limitations of existing resilience measures?

  • How can modeling and simulation help to cope with complexities?

  • Can models help implementing adaptive capacities into the systems?

  • Does this reduce or enhance their complexities?

  • How can we reduce uncertainties?



The growing complexity and interdependence of the systems we depend on drives the need for resilience. Resilience can be understood as a way of successfully dealing with complexity. This enables systems to withstand unexpected disruptions, which would normally surpass their maximum load capacity. But how to engineer adaptive capacity into technical as well as socio-technical systems? Especially, if you need to take phenomena like cascading effects and multiscale coupling of networks into account. This session will present approaches to master some of these challenges, e.g. advanced methods to model and simulate complex systems behavior or to the usage of machine learning algorithms.

Session Summary:

In each session there will be a composition of different actors and representatives on stage mirroring this broad approach. As a kick-off, a thought leader in the field will give an overview of the state-of-the-art in the field and show examples of projects, applications and concepts that demonstrate the capabilities of respective approaches. 
This kick-off will be followed by a panel discussion of resilience experts, who represent different groups of stakeholders. Intending to offer the audience insight into the perspective of not only academia and research, the panel will include experts from the private sector and resilience practicioners.

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