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Session 1

Thought Leader for Session 1 – Professor Michel Bruneau,
State University of New York at Buffalo

Session Title: Creating benefit through resilience


Session Focus:

  • Resilience-Measures and Ecological Benefit

  • How can we estimate ecological benefit from enhanced resilience?

  • How predictive are our resilience measures at all?

  • Which indicators are relevant to show cost-efficiency?

  • Do we have direct interfaces between resilience-measures and those indicators?



Today, resilience is a prominently discussed concept in multiple disciplines as well as the political sphere. However, the concept still remains very broad. Industry, infrastructure operators and others intending to apply it, are often still searching for methods of how to operationalize and quantify resiliency in their complex technical and socio-technical environments. Within disaster research and especially earthquake engineering, ideas to quantify resilience have been developed for quite a while now. More than a decade after the first time-performance-graphs numerous approaches to measuring resilience have evolved. This session will focus on innovative ways to both quantify resilience as well as on best practices and projects leading to benefits for different stakeholders, who embrace the concept in their daily operations as well as in their design strategies.

Session Summary:

In each session there will be a composition of different actors and representatives on stage mirroring this broad approach. As a kick-off, a thought leader in the field will give an overview of the state-of-the-art in the field and show examples of projects, applications and concepts that demonstrate the capabilities of respective approaches. 
This kick-off will be followed by a panel discussion of resilience experts, who represent different groups of stakeholders. Intending to offer the audience insight into the perspective of not only academia and research, the panel will include experts from the private sector and resilience practicioners.

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